Old man with a shopping cart full of beer is a true hero

by 6 years ago

What makes a hero? Saving lives? Enlightening others? How about we aim a little lower and settle for an old dude with a shopping cart full of Bud Light?


You can make your “Bud Light? Why doesn’t he get a REAL beer?” comments all you want. But the reality is that this old man is (I’d like to imagine) throwing a big ass party for a bunch of friends and family. Maybe some beer pong. Maybe some pot that should be for his glaucoma but is also used for the Good Times Crew – Senior Tour. Perhaps he’ll even be getting his dick wet or, if he’s with a woman of similar age, mildly dampened or covered in cobwebs and an unidentifiable chalky powder. She’ll check out the onion on his belt and the bloomers will be a-droppin’. I hope for all of us that we’re living life half as well as this guy at his age, that’s for sure.

This man does not mess around. [Reddit]

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