Teacher who was fired after taking bikini photos goes hardcore, poses for Hustler

By 12.19.13

Olivia Sprauer, also known by her model name Victoria James, was forced to resign after the Florida high school that employed her found out about a modeling career that included sexy bikini photos. And now that she’s been fired, she’s going all out, opting to go straight to the filthy pages of Hustler.

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News of Sprauer’s job loss blew up earlier this year when the principal of Martin County High School was tipped off to some of her side modeling work under the Victoria James pseudonym. Sprauer, then an English teacher for freshmen, was called into the principal’s office, confronted with the photos, and coerced into leaving the position.

Sprauer made mention of an offer from Hustler in a May interview with Huffington Post, telling the outlet that she’d rather hold out for an offer from Playboy.

“I don’t do spread-eagle shots for the camera, so I don’t think Hustler is going to work out,” Sprauer said.

Now, seven months later, Hustler is touting her 14-page pictorial for the magazine. And, presumably, enough cash gave Sprauer a change of heart.

“If getting naked betters my life, that’s a positive thing for me,” Sprauer said in a press release.

Emboldened by all her success, Sprauer posted a photo last night of a fortune cookie’s fortune that reads “You are admired by everyone for your talent and ability.”

Apparently fortune cookies now include tasteful recreations of gynecological exams as a showing of “talent and ability.” The more you know.

If you need a preview of Sprauer’s photoshoot, here’s a pretty NSFW taste of her on the cover below. The magazine hits newsstands on Christmas Eve.

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