Ostrich Pillow lets you sleep anywhere, destroys your dignity

by 5 years ago

Part of being a gadget blogger is mocking the hopes and dreams of starry-eyed inventors who mean well, but are perhaps too wrapped up in their idea to realize a few… practical problems.

So it is with the Ostrich Pillow. If you’re wondering why, I refer you to the photograph.

The sad thing is that the Ostrich Pillow is actually trying to solve a real problem. It’s a pillow designed to give you a modicum of privacy and comfort while you try to sleep in places that aren’t really conducive to getting any sleep.

The problem is… is… well, here’s the video:

You see the problem. You will get some sleep, but everybody will be asking themselves why you’re dressing like a Martian Popping Thing in public. Or if they see you sleeping on a desk with this thing, they’ll be wondering why you’ve jammed your head up some poor plush animal’s anus.

I get needing to sleep, and sleeping in public is never dignified anyway. But if we do try to catch some sleep, does it really have to be actively shameful?

Ostrich Pillow [Kickstarter]

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