Packers used this fake field goal to beat the Bears

By 09.14.12

The Packers manhandled the Bears en route to a 23-10 victory. They used this fake field goal at the end of the half to take a lead they would never look back from.

Genius. Pure genius. That hole was so wide open, I thought Tom Crabtree was making a Kardashian sex tape. Speaking of unqualified skanks, did you see Jay Cutler? Did you see how bad he was? His four interceptions were the result of solid pressure and as Charles Woodson implies, “Jay being Jay.”

Woodson: “Same old Jay. We don’t need luck, we just need to be in position. Jay will throw us the ball.”
Rachel Nichols: “Do you feel he’s consistent in throwing those INTs?”
Woodson: “The proof is in the pudding”

Quote of the night–nay the year.

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