‘Patient 0’ isn’t just a zombie FPS, you actually live it

by 5 years ago

According to the creators of Patient 0: “This isn’t LARP, this isn’t laser tag. This is a video game in real life, this is IRL Shooter!”

Behold IRL Shooter’s very first title, which is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween… provided that you live in Australia. Here’s a pre-hype video from this summer; I wonder how the final guns look…

True, there’s no such thing as bad AI or animation in a live action RPG (contrary to what the makers believe, this is in fact LARP, plus they’re using laser tag tech, so they might think about revising their slogan). But there is such a thing as bad acting.

Each game lasts an hour to an hour and a half, and it does sound fairly immersive. As well as expensive; each session costs $125 in Australian bucks, which is about $129 American. It also runs till Christmas, so if you’re not in Melbourne right this second, you still have a chance.

If you wish to check Patient 0 out, here are your important details.

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