‘Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters’ trailer proves the sequel exists

by 5 years ago

I thought I was one of only a dozen people who watched the first Percy Jackson movie, but apparently I was way off. My apologies, Percy. As a sacrifice, I offer up the trailer to Sea of Monsters.

That cab is Arthur Weasley’s car with a different paint job, right? It has to be. This whole movie has a very Harry Potter feel to it. I’m not racists, I just think all magical child epic movies look alike. It does look pretty entertaining though. It may be selfish given that it’s a movie about kids, but I hope Nathan Fillion plays a larger role than we see in the trailer. Hopefully he straps on Hermes’ famously ridiculous shoes and gets in on the action. If Alpha Chino can help save the world, then Captain Mal can certainly storm the castle, too.

Trailer via MTV

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