This is what the perfect woman looks like

By 12.11.13

Beauty site surveyed men and women to find out what would make the perfect woman’s face and then made a composite of it. The results are shockingly different between genders.

The photos, first reported by the Daily Mail, show that women like someone a little more exotic while men seem prefer some sort of Scarlett Johansson/Jennifer Lawrence hybrid.

Women’s preferred face:

women preferred face

Men’s preferred face:

mmen preferred face

To collect the data, Escentual had men and women look at famous celebrities’ facial features and rank them accordingly.

Ideals are one thing. But we didn’t trust that Escentual had gotten the full picture so I did my own research and drew a composite of the main thing men look for when seeking a woman in real life.

put out


I’m just here for the research, you guys.

(via Jezebel)

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