Pizza Hut unveils cheeseburger and chicken nugget crusts in the Middle East

by 6 years ago

Have the people running Pizza Hut locations across Europe just stumbled upon Epic Meal Time? A couple weeks after UK Pizza Hut chains unveiled Hot Dog Crust Pizza comes new cheeseburger and chicken nugget crust Pizza Hut pizzas in the Middle East.

Pizza Hut

Billed as “The Most Royal Pizza Ever,” the Crown Crust Royal Pizzas derive their name from the crown shape of the crust. The hunks of meat in both the cheeseburger and chicken nugget pizzas are even referred to as ‘gems.’

Here’s a commercial for the cheeseburger version of the Crown Crust Royal Pizza that is SO how I hope this idea came to fruition:

“So, you guys were being total dicks to our employees because we’re Pizza Hut. But we’ll show you! Here’s a disgusting pizza filled with mediocre sandwiches you could find done a million times better at literally any other fast food place!

Maybe next time you won’t be so mean to us. Proprietors of shitty pizza have feelings, too.

Regretfully yours,
Pizza Hut”

You can see more photos of the historic concoctions at Serious Eats.

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