Pizza Hut unveils ridiculous new Cone Crust Pizza

by 5 years ago

Pizza Hut’s new Cone Crust Pizza is the latest in a line of ridiculous menu items that make you wonder if an 8-year old is running the franchise. If not a child, it’s definitely a couple of Ninja Turtles at the helm.

I tend to skip the crust when it comes to pizza. That was until Pizza Hut introduced cheeseburger, chicken nugget, and hot dog stuffed-crust options. Unfortunately for all you gluttons out there, this is only being added to menus in the Middle East. The upside is that you can probably find a cheap hotel in Egypt right about now. If you’ve been saving up your vacation days, what better excuse to cash them in?

Photo Credit: Facebook / MyPizzaHut

A Stuffed-Cone-Crusted Pizza [FoodBeast]

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