Police officer reprimanded for dunking his head in urine at Browns game

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Back in October, a video of man dunking his head into a bucket of urine went viral. The man, a Cleveland Browns fan, has now been identified as Phil Croucher—an officer of law in nearby Mentor, Ohio.

Here’s the video in question.

Unfortunately for Phil, getting wasted and dunking your head in pee is frowned upon in the Mentor police establishment. He has since been reprimanded for his behavior. His boss, police chief Dan Llewellyn, had this to say.

“You were identified as a Mentor Police Officer and that information was broadcast on many of the television, internet and news print media casting a negative light on the professionalism of not only yourself as a M.P.D. officer, but the entire organization,”

To add insult to injury, the people egging him on in the video were also officers of the law. They were given slaps on the wrist with written reprimands. All in all, we’ve learned a solid lesson from this incident. If you’re gonna dunk your head in urine, make sure you’re not a police officer. Also, as a general rule, don’t stick your head in urine.

Police officer suspended for dunking head into a bucket of urine at Browns game [Pro Football Zone]

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