Livestreaming gamer masturbates, forgets about his Web cam

By 10.18.12

Once just an ordinary ace League of Legends player who livestreams his matches, some kid who calls himself Slooshi, is now known as the dumbass who forgot his Web cam was rolling when he decided to take a break and jerk off.


According to Kotaku, the dude got bored while playing a particular session and decided to watch some porn. Okay. And then he decided to rub one out, right there on the spot. Brilliant.

Thing is, everything was captured and broadcasted for the world to see. From the XXX clip that got Slooshi hot and bothered in the first place, to the kid himself, from head to you know what.

Best part is how he was completely oblivious until after his account was shut down. During the deed, he also had his chat window open, which was filled people screaming: “HOW IS HE NOT NOTICING LOL”

Not only was his account was shut down, the footage was deleted by TwitchTV… given that the kid is like 17 and they were technically broadcasting kiddie porn, I wonder why. But then Slooshi apologized for the screw up, got his channel reinstated, and immediately went back to livestreaming.

He also added “Got caught fapping AMA” to the channel’s banner. Taking it all in stride; though what else can one do otherwise?

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