Proof NY makes a tuxedo that shrugs off spills

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One of the problems with fancy clothing is the fact that one screw-up and you’re facing a huge dry-cleaning bill. Proof NY is trying to change that with their new tuxedo, which feels like cloth but fights stains like it’s Teflon coated.


Proof NY

Proof uses Schoeller Dryskin, which will be familiar to you outdoorsy types. It uses a blend of fibers that essentially forces water that lands on the fabric to immediately bead instead of soaking in. It’s largely used on parkas and other snow gear.

Proof has worked with this a lot: They make a pair of pants that I’ve had water, coffee, and beer all just smoothly roll off of. So the tux is pretty much completely bullet-proof, although putting it to the test would be a bad idea.

It’s also worth noting the tux itself looks good. It’s got a satin lining in the jacket, peak lapels, pretty much everything you’re looking for when it comes to a tuxedo.

No word on pricing yet, but the pants alone will cost you $185, so plan accordingly.

Proof NY [Official Site]

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