Qdoba’s rigs their queso taste test

by 5 years ago

Who would win in a queso taste test between Qdoba and Chipotle? If you’re a fast-food burrito eater, the answer is obvious. That didn’t stop Qdoba from taking to the streets to conduct their own research.

If you’re going to take on an industry giant, it’s best to do it in a way that they can’t fight back. That’s exactly what Qdoba did. I’ll admit to being confused while watching this. I could have sworn Chipotle didn’t have queso, but maybe I’ve been wrong this whole time. Maybe it’s on the In-n-Out style secret menu and I’ve wasted years of my life with guac-covered chips. Had that been the case, the video would have been a big time backfire for Qdoba.

The reveal gave me a sense of relieve though, and the description of an empty bowl as an “empty soul” was spot on. I don’t go to burrito joints for queso though. If I could add Qdoba’s “mole” sauce to a Chipotle burrito, my world would be complete.

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