Radek Stepanek gave Janko Tipsarevic the middle finger after a match

by 6 years ago

After defeating Radek Stepanek in a grueling Davis Cup match, Janko Tipsarevic headed to the net for an obligatory handshake. What he got instead was a middle finger and a few nasty words. Cameras cut away before the exchange occurred so nobody could verify the shenanigans, but Tipsarevic tweeted this picture as evidence.

Janko Tipsarevic, Twitter

Not quite sure that really proves anything. Perhaps Stepanek has one of those Michael Strahan fingers? You know, one of those that don’t point in the right direction.

Humor aside, it’s clear SOMETHING was said between the two. Tipsarevic was held back by coaches in this clip.

Probably much ado about nothing but if I’m going to choose sides here, I’m going with Tipsarevic–if only, for his girlfriend.

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