Ready for the dumbest movie idea ever? Meet ‘Line Of Sight’

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Act Of Valor

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Yes, I was asking for new ideas from Hollywood. No, I didn’t mean this. So Heat Vision is reporting that Warner Brothers has signed up Mike McCoy, one of the two directors behind Act Of Valor (you know, the movie that starred a bunch of Navy Seals and was savaged by critics who rightly claimed it was just a huge propaganda film), to helm Line Of Sight. And here’s the gimmick: the whole movie is seen from the perspective of the protagonist, like a first-person shooter video game.

Oy gevalt. You can just see this being thought up at some idiotic corporate executive meeting where suits vainly try to figure out what’s “big with the kids.” Maybe somebody watched their nephew play Quake once. The screenplay is, by all accounts, nothing special – a commando team must escort cargo while dealing with a “global threat,” whatever the Hell that means. It was written by Peter O’Brien, who wrote Halo: Reach, so maybe that’s where the first-person aspect came in.

Let’s be frank: seeing a whole movie from first-person perspective, especially an action movie, is an idiotic idea. Movies use shot framing as tools to communicate information, and being locked to one set of eyes is a recipe for a boring, confusing mess. The final product will probably be lots of shaking camera and CGI debris and not much else. Art films have certainly made the first-person view work – see The Diving Bell And The Butterfly for an excellent example – but a big-budget Hollywood actioner? I can’t see it working.

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