8 reasons she might choose to have sex with you

By 10.26.11
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Reasons She Might Want Sex with You

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In the past I've gone over reasons that women won't have sex with you, but have you ever wanted to pinpoint the exact reason why they do choose to caress you down? At the time it's happening we don't give a sweet damn why, but right now our heads aren't clouded with thoughts of getting biblical with some hot strange, so why don't we focus?

Photo credit: je@n, Flickr

Mentally, women have just as much of a capacity to take advantage of men as men do women. If she wants something, her sexuality becomes a cunning and devious weapon that most men are helpless in the face of. She'll show off the goods, she'll put ideas in your head, and she will conquer you.

Some women have a point of no return when it comes to being turned on. If you don't know them well, then you won't know when it's going to happen, but even if you met them 10 seconds prior you'll know AS it's happening.

Some ladies will get you to rise to the occasion so she can get some extra status points with you. This is not indicative of a chick that has high self esteem, so here she's offering something that everyone finds pleasurable rather than relying on other, less universal parts of her personality.

You dog, you! Somehow you've managed to hide your love of Star Trek, anime, and World of Warcraft long enough for her to see you as a potential candidate. Then you sealed the deal with raw, dangerous alpha-male sex appeal. Now all she can think about is being one with you.

Sometimes in situations that women wouldn't ordinarily be on the prowl, they'll be engaged in a full on manhunt. They are sex-deprived and honestly, none of them want to become a born-again virgin. They're firing on all cylinders and bringing out that innate female sexuality they've been storing up for so long.

Is she wearing high heels and a hot, revealing dress? Is her hair and makeup done nicely? Is she dancing her ass off or flirting shamelessly? There's a good chance she's feeling pretty confident and frisky and sometimes that's a good enough reason for her to follow through with her needs, whereas other times she may hold back.

Sometimes women just need to hear the right words to be OK with it. It's not going to be something dirty or forceful that she wants to hear, but rather something strong, understanding and slightly provocative with a tinge of sweetness.

This will significantly diminish the amount of energy a woman spends analyzing her own slut-o-meter. She'll be a hell of a lot more receptive to primal impulses, so stick around ‘cuz it could be your lucky day.

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