RED Digital Cinema makes owning your own film camera cheaper

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Digital cinema is exciting, not least because it puts the tools of filmmaking into the hands of pretty much anybody willing to come up with… well, come up with the price of a really good new car for a camera.



But, thanks to good old American know-how, RED Digital Cinema has now reduced the price of digital to the cost of buying a used car.

RED’s owner, Jim Jannard, essentially has set up his American production line with such efficiency that it costs substantially less to build his cameras. As a result, he’s passing the fairly substantial savings onto the consumer.

Making your backyard opus still won’t be cheap: A $34,000 camera, for example, is now $19,000. Easily the best deal for wannabe filmmakers will be the “battle-tested” Red One, a 4K camera that’s been restored by Jannard’s factory and is currently available for $4000, a fairly substantial savings.

OK, so these aren’t really ideal for using to shoot video of your party, but if you’re looking to make movies, and you’ve got some money to spend, RED just became a great place to shop.

RED Store [RED Digital Cinema]

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