Red Stripe hacks a corner store and gets customers jammin’

By 11.29.12

I’m just about done with hidden camera reaction videos, but I have to give it up to Red Stripe. This is pretty creative.

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for marketing that extends beyond just telling me your beer is good. Turning a party store into an actual party is a damn good start. Something about getting the broom and dustpan involved like it was a mini version of Stomp (the broadway show, not the yard) made me smile, and the old guy’s head wave at 1:34 finished the sale. I’m going out and buying a case of Red Stripe tonight, getting responsibly drunk, and then using the bottles as budget horns. Hooray beer!

Disclaimer: This still doesn’t top the list of my favorite beer commercials. That honor goes to Big Word.

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