RGIII wants to trademark ‘unbelievably believable’ and ‘light you up’

By 12.19.12

For those aspiring entrepreneurs looking for the next catch phrase, take note—“unbelievably believable” is taken. Or soon to be taken by Robert Griffin III. The Redskins quarterback’s filed trademark applications for the following terms:

Robert Griffin III trademark


-unbelievably believable
-go catch your dream
-light you up
-work hard stay humble

Those are just the highlights (or lowlights depending on your viewpoint). DC Sports Bog has the complete list of motivational nonsense. And trust me, it’s nonsense. If someone of sound mind ever used the term “unbelievably believable” around me, I’d punch them hard. Very hard in fact.

I’d punch them in the place where they make babies to ensure they never procreate.


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