Rick Carlisle continues evolution into Jim Carrey by cracking jokes

By 10.23.12
Rick Carlisle and Jim Carrey

Protect the Paint

I don’t care what you say, Rick Carlisle and Jim Carrey bore from the same womb. They share the same genetic makeup. They have the same mannerisms and facial expressions. Now, Rick Carlisle’s completing the circle by adding Carrey-like jokes to his repertoire.

Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was asked about his team’s overwhelming turnover count, and how are the turnovers are being manufactured, when he turned in this two-sentence joke during his pre-game press conference Monday. ‘We’re doing it every way you can do it,’ Carlisle said. ‘If we were a sex manual it’d be a best-seller.’

We often chide athletes and coaches for being robots. For giving canned responses to otherwise, thought out questions. So props to Carrey, er, Carlisle for being honest in this case and for providing what’s arguably the quote of the year.

Whether he can keep that sense of humor in a few months when his team’s tanking remains to be seen.

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