Meet Roxanne Myers, the girl who lost her feet due to video games, supposedly

by 6 years ago

For her thesis on gaming addiction, Roxanne Myers went on a 2 day long gaming binge, to see what it’s like to put one’s body through such a thing. And because she fell asleep with her legs crossed and lost circulation, she developed blood clots. Which led to her feet being partially amputated.

The tale above sounds too crazy to be real, and the way this following video opens up makes one suspicious. But as it turns out, it’s a totally true tale, and the guy is, quite simply, one of the worst interviewers ever…

Pictures of her ravaged appendages can be seen at, who also produced the video (warning: they are not for the faint of heart).

You know, it’s a sad tale, but for her to blame video games is just ridiculous. She was the victim of an undiagnosed condition, which could have surfaced in a variety of ways, like watching a movie or any activity in which she was inactive.

Also, seriously, what the hell is up with the interviewer? I really hope he didn’t murder her after the cameras stopped rolling.

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