Remember kids, real ‘Pokemon’ champions don’t defecate in hotel hallways

by 6 years ago

Ruben Puig Lecegui, who recently won The United Kingdom’s Video Game Championship’s top prize for Pokemon, 2nd year in a row, was recently stripped of his crown. All because he took a crap in the middle of a hotel hallway.


The incident was first reported last weekend by several outlets, when it first went down, the night before Lecegui nabbed the gold. But since then, the organizers of the competition thought hard about his behavior, and ultimately decided that it wasn’t becoming of a champ material after-all.

Now, in the link above, it’s stated that him and his buddies simply deposited their feces in the hallway, which betrays earlier reports in which they was accused of throwing excrement at each other.

Note: they weren’t trying get under the skin of the competition or the like, but just having a good time. I know many sports teams have their own wacky pre-competition rituals, but… Jesus Christ.

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