Russell Brand craps all over wildly unprepared MSNBC hosts

By 06.18.13

Russell Brand appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to promote his new global comedy tour “Messiah Complex”. Unfortunately, the interviewers were wildly unprepared at best and douchey at worst so he had to completely shut them down.

How do you get the wrong name for a guy when your one job is to talk to that guy for 10 minutes? And how do you host the panel and not even look at the guest and refer to him in the third person for half the time? My god. This is honestly everything wrong with TV…there are so many hours to fill that people who have little to no experience — or just suck — are thrust into prime roles on cable networks and basically just embarrass themselves daily.

It took Russell Brand to show us that. I’m not sure how to feel there.

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