Russian workout video brings out the best in YouTube commenters

By 08.21.13

Somebody shot this Russian workout video with a real camcorder, not a dash cam. I know, I’m just as surprised as you. I was ready to post this on its own merit because there’s some incredible feats of strength. Like one dude holding himself up on a pullup bar by his neck.

But the feats of strength are secondary to some of the comments below the video.

villasukat 10 minutes ago

this just in: russians becoming niggas.

TheRealCockfyte 10 hours ago

Russia is kicking our ass right now.

Thanks, Obama.

Yea, thanks Obama!

And then, of course, the pervs came out in full force. One guy tells you exactly what to look for in the video. He’s really detailed with it.

inhayn 2 hours ago

Best parts: 0:21 to 0:27; 1:36 to 1:43; 2:39 to 2:52; 3:49 to 3:59; 4:14 to 4:24.

Hmmm, wonder what he’s referencing? Let me forward to those parts and OH…that.

You might be a pervert but sir, you are an internet hero.

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