Samsung Galaxy Muse MP3 player syncs with your phone, not your PC

By 12.10.12

You may mostly use your phone to listen to music these days, but occasionally, you still need a small MP3 player, like working out or riding public transit. And syncing with your computer can be a pain in the ass. So Samsung has decided to make a small MP3 player that syncs with your phone, using an Android app.



This little guy, the Galaxy Muse, is cheap and cheerful at $50, but it does have one pretty big drawback: It’ll only sync with Samsung smartphones, specifically the Samsung Note 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S3.

But beyond that, it’s actually a fairly useful little device. Looking like a pebble, it’s got 4GB onboard, storing about six hours of music to listen to. It’s also got a very compact connection method: Everything goes through the headphone jack, even the USB cable that connects to the phone in the first place. It even has a clip, making it fairly easy to use.

If you need an MP3 player, especially if you’ve got a Samsung phone, this is probably your best bet. And, hey, it even looks good.

Galaxy Muse [Samsung]

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