Scope Bacon Mouthwash – April Fools or real product?

By 04.01.13

Everything must be taken with a grain of salt this time of year, and there is nothing saltier than bacon. Could this new Scope Bacon Mouthwash actually be real though? It would certainly sell well.

I think we can all agree this is fake, and kudos to Scope for pulling a week long April Fools Day joke. They went all in on the concept, creating a page for the new product and promoting it heavily on Facebook and Twitter. It’s things like this that make me hate April Fools. Why must all the best ideas be jokes? I might actually use mouthwash everyday if it tasted like bacon!

Here are a couple highlights from the FAQ section of the website.

Does Scope Bacon make my breath smell like bacon?
No. Scope Bacon just tastes like bacon while you swish.

Is Scope Bacon a sufficient replacement for my breakfast?
No. Scope Bacon contains zero nutritional value and does not serve as an acceptable substitute for food.

Does Scope Bacon contain real bacon?
No. No pigs are harmed during the making of Scope Bacon.

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