Sensordrone: Finally, a keychain device to tell you if you’re drunk

by 6 years ago

Smartphones are loaded with sensors: gyroscopes, accelerometers, light sensors, and so on. But that’s not good enough for some of us. Some of us want more sensors, because we’re nerds. And that’s where the Sensordrone comes in.

They even use the Star Trek font and refer to the Tricorder. NEEEEEEEERDSSSSS!

So, why would you want something so ridiculously nerdy? Because, realistically? It’s actually pretty useful, a kind of technological Swiss Army knife.

For example, the sensor can easily measure Breath Alcohol Content, you know, what the cops measure before canning you for driving drunk. You can literally just show your drunken friend that, no, he can’t fool the cops and driving is a bad idea. Or you can use it to scan for gas leaks, which, if you’re grilling or just dealing with a crappy oven, is something you’ll have to do occasionally. Point it at something and you’ll know exactly how hot it is, which, again, is not something you realize you need a lot until you either start cooking on a regular basis or just get sick of burning your tongue on coffee.

You can even use it as a quick stud finder. In fact, odds are pretty good in five years you’ll be finding these things all over hardware stores. So, hey, get on the ground floor now.

Sensordrone [Kickstarter]

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