Serena Williams has a new boy toy

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In February, there were rumors that Serena Williams was robbing the cradle with 20-year-old Bulgarian tennis pro Grigor Dimitrov. Yesterday, during Dimitrov’s upset win over Tomas Berdych, the 30-year-old cougar was spotted in the stands.

When asked in the post-match press conference about the two, Dimitrov sheepishly answered the two were just friends. Close friends at that who visit each other in the locker room apparently. “What do you want to know? No, I’m kidding. No, she’s a good friend of mine. She came after in the locker room – not in the locker room, the fitness room to congratulate me. It was very nice of her, yeah.”

We’ll see where this is headed but Serena seems pretty low key about it, trying to stay incognito during yesterday’s match. But when your “boyfriend” isn’t a highly ranked player, his matches are pretty empty. Your chances of being unseen, especially with that hair, are pretty much nil.

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