Settle It: An app to cut through the political crap

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Today is an important day for Americans, as we go to the polls and decide the direction of our nation for the next two years. Sorry, the next round of elections is in 2014, no two ways around it. That said, when you go to the polls, you should go to the polls informed.

settle it app


Settle It does just that.

Built by Web site PolitiFact, the app is essentially a more streamlined version of their website’s B.S. detecting blog entries. For those unfamiliar, Politifact rates politician’s claims on a scale ranging from True to Pants On Fire, and despite what those on both sides of the aisle like to claim, the site doesn’t have a political bias: Obama and Romney get it stuck to them with equal measure.

Settle It is pretty simple. Search a politician, topic, or keyword, and get a load of what’s been said about it and how true it is.

Mostly it’s a useful education in how both sides can take away two very different and equally wrong interpretations of the facts. But at least now if there’s BS, you have a way to sniff it out.

Settle It! [iTunes Store, also available on Android]

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