Shatoetry: Finally, William Shatner can read you poetry

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Back in the ’70s, William Shatner put out an album in England. At the time it basically seemed like a cheap cash grab, not dissimilar to other albums of the time where an actor with some name recognition would record a few famous speeches or public domain poems, and collect a check.

But “The Transformed Man” also required Shatner to sing, and a new and hilarious stage of his career was born.

If you haven’t heard the album, Shatner can’t sing. Here’s proof!

Now, some geniuses have assembled a way to have William Shatner read you custom poetry, capturing the above essence, with an app called Shatoetry.

Approved by the man himself, for $3 you get an app with a wide variety of pre-recorded words. Arrange the words to your liking, hit the button, and you get your very own, custom, William Shatner poem.

OK, so it’s basically an official soundboard with a gimmick behind it. But first of all, consider all the useless crap you spend $3 on. Secondly, don’t underestimate how entertaining this app actually is. You will laugh. A lot. Currently it’s only available for iOS, but Captain Kirk, of all people, understands the necessity of providing programming to Androids, so keep an eye out.

Shatoetry [Official Site]

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