7 of the most shocking celebrity athletic performances

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Given Justin Bieber’s MVP performance over the weekend, it only makes sense to look back at some of the most shocking athletic performances from celebrities.

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7 Terrell Owens – 18 points and 3 rebounds in one half

It’s almost unfair to put Terrell Owens on a list like this. After all, TO did dabble as a professional basketball player in the USBL before the Philadelphia Eagles angrily put an end to it five years ago. But his 18 points at the 2008 Celebrity game was remarkable because he didn’t even play half the game. Yea, Owens dropped 18 points including a monster dunk on a bunch of five foot nothing celebs en route to the MVP award.

6 Marisa Miller’s pants fall down

This isn’t as much shocking as it is awesome. At the 2010 Celebrity Beach Bowl, someone had this fantastic idea of putting Marisa Miller in skimpy jogging pants with flags attached to them. From the very onset of the game, Miller had repeated wardrobe malfunctions as she tried to keep her pants up after tackles. It culminated in arguably the greatest depantsing in the history of sports when Tom Arnold got entirely too physical with Miller. Arnold later admitted it was his greatest contribution to society since trying to rid the world of Roseanne.

5 Justin Bieber MVP 2011 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Fresh off a disappointing Grammy’s that saw him go home empty handed, pop sensation Justin Bieber was looking for redemption. He got in the form of a surprising MVP performance at the 2011 NBA All-Star celebrity game. But it wasn’t just the stats (8 points, 4 rebounds) that gave everyone “Bieber Fever”, it was the skills he displayed when he crossed-over and broke the ankles of fellow musician Common.

4 Dan Cortese hits a homerun in his last ever at-bat for Rock N’ Jock

The name Dan Cortese is synonymous with celebrity athletic events. Cortese spearheaded MTV’s Rock N’ Jock for the better part of a decade, leading the way with flag football games and of course, the infamous “Bricklayers” vs. “Violators” basketball game. His greatest moment, however, came in his last ever at-bat in Rock N’ Jock softball when he homered to deep center. Even a roided-up Brady Anderson couldn’t get to that one.

3 Michael Rapaport scores four points and wins MVP

For some reason, D-List actor Michael Rapaport has made repeated appearances at celebrity games–apparently the term celebrity is used loosely for these things. Anyways, in 2010, Rapaport scored two baskets becoming the only ginger outside of Brian Scalabrine to ever put the ball in the hoop in competitive play. For that effort and his supposed shut-down of Terrell Owens, he was given the MVP award.

2 Kevin Coster shows off his wheels in Rock N’ Jock softball

Kevin Coster made his fair share of sports flicks over the years. In fact you could argue those were the only movies he made that didn’t bomb in the box office (*cough, cough Waterworld *cough). So it comes as no surprise that Costner with his experience in Field of Dreams and Bull Durham was somewhat of a stud on a baseball diamond. During the 1990 Rock N’ Jock softball game, Costner shockingly managed to score from first on a Daryl Strawberry fly ball to seal the win for his team.

1 Nelly – 11 points and 12 rebounds in 2006 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

There have certainly been memorable performances by celebrities in athletic events, but none can touch Nelly’s stat-stuffer at the 2006 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. At times, Nelly resembled the Harlem Globetrotter’s Curly Neal as he repeatedly dribbled circles around his competitors. His 11 points and 12 rebounds is the only recorded double-double by a celebrity in the game and judging from the talent that is usually displayed at these things, it will be the only one for the foreseeable future.

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