Silver spoons and $500/ounce caviar now available in vending machines

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Beverly Hills Caviar introduced a new vending machine in Burbank, CA. Either rich people have gotten extremely lazy, or wealth shaming has hit an all time high.

A unique caviar boutique officially opened up today in Burbank, California. The shop offers a large selection of the world’s finest Selection of Caviar, Truffles, Escargot, Bottarga, Blinis, oils, Mother of Pearl plates and spoons, gift boxes and gourmet salts.

I wasn’t shocked a few years back when I heard about a vending machine dishing out live crabs in China. The Chinese love vending machines! Here in ‘Murica we only like ours full of gum, Tato Skins, and salami sticks with nondescript cheese. We used to like cigarettes, but Michelle Obama made us quite. Eventually people gave in and allowed Best Buy and Apple boxes in airports and malls, but they’re weary of those. We’ve got cupcake vending machines, but women are so embarrassed to use such a device that they resort to calling them ATMs. You aren’t fooling anyone, by the way, ladies.


But now we have the epitome of wealth and class being proudly stuck in a food box in the middle of a mall. If rich people are willing to stuff their faces with caviar served on Mother-of-Pearl spoons from a vending machine, who am I to pretend I’m better than that? From now on, all of my white cheddar popcorn, Famous Amos cookies, and 10-year old Bugles will be coming from our robot overloads. If you need me, I’ll be stealing piggy banks at the local orphanage.

You can find out more details about how to drop $500 on fish eggs from a vending machine from the Phoenix New Times. Apparently the menu is quite extensive.

Caviar Vending Machine [Neatorama]

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