Siri will soon be able to buy movie tickets

by 5 years ago

I’m not necessarily the hugest fan of Siri, since Apple has selectively crippled the technology. But Apple also keeps adding useful stuff to it, and the latest word is that soon you’ll be able to get movie tickets with a word.


The upcoming overhaul of iOS 6 has, according to its beta testers, a new functionality with Fandango. It’s actually very simple: Just link your Fandango account to your iPhone, and when the urge to go to the movies strikes, tell Siri to buy you tickets. That’s it. It’ll even let you be fairly vague: Commands like “Two tickets to that new Ben Affleck movie” will work.

Once you issue the command, Siri opens the app, brings up the nearest show at the appropriate time, and you take it from there.

It being tied to Fandango, it’s not perfect: You won’t be able to get tickets at a theater that doesn’t sell tickets over the website, and you won’t be able to buy the tickets exclusively via voice ordering. But, hey, at least it streamlines the process a little bit.

Apple to Bring Movie Tickets To Siri [9 to 5 Mac]

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