Snolo: The Ferrari of sleds

By 10.30.12

Sledding is a sport that rarely gets its due. It’s a lot of fun to zip down a hill at incredibly high speeds, especially when there are enormous electrical pylons on the hill and rocks to ice over and catch air on.



Head injuries build character.

Anyway, if you want to look good while letting gravity and snow do the work, the Snolo will fit the bill. And it probably won’t kill you!

The Snolo is actually quite well designed. For one thing, there’s a ski in front that actually lets you steer, and the body is designed to let you lean to help make that turn. And to make sure it’s really fast, the entire sled is made out of carbon fiber, so you’ll go that much faster. It even folds so it’s easy to haul up and down the slopes.

The downside of this is that owning the Ferrari of sleds comes with the Ferrari of sled prices; prices hover around $3000. Then again, it’ll be worth it to look better on a hill than most skiiers look on a mountain.

Official Site [Snolo]

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