Sommelier breaks record for most wine glasses held at once

By 10.30.12

Sommelier Philip Osenton has shattered the record for most wine glasses held at once. He was able to grab, wedge, and stack a ridiculous 51 glasses in just a single hand.

Grape Wall Of China

Just because there’s no reason anyone would ever need to carry that many glasses doesn’t mean Osenton is content with his results.

With the right glass I think I could do a few more. This is not the ideal glass, it is a Libby glass, but it’s not perfect. If I found the perfect glass I think I could do a few more.

Obviously this has gone far beyond practicality. In the time it takes to stack even just 30 wine glasses in one hand you could have easily made three trips with five in each hand. It’s all about showing off, and it’d say he succeeded in that. How many other times have you read about people holding a glasses? Probably none. But now you will always remember the name Philip Osenton…at least until you close this window.

Grape Wall of China has an entertaining play-by-play if you want to see more pictures of the event at which this feat took place.

British sommelier breaks wine glass holding record [DrinksBusiness]

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