‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 episode 11 recap: Crossed Out

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Sons Of Anarchy


So Tara’s an accessory to murder now. Welcome to the club, girl. Sons Of Anarchyis all about the fallout from last episode, where Otto inveigled a crucifix to be smuggled in to the prison hospital and then used it to murder a nurse. This basically means the RICO case against Samcro is dead, but so is Tara’s career. Meanwhile, Gemma lets slip that Tara has been volunteering at Stockton to Clay, which makes matters even worse.

We then check in on Otto in jail, where he’s getting the living piss kicked out of him by a long-haired Donal Logue. Otto doesn’t even know who he is, interestingly, but plenty of people have good reason to smash that guy. Jax hits up Juice for the documents that will allegedly prove Clay’s guilt, and then goes to try the same thing on Gemma. She confronts him for his creepiness and he fills her in on the whole RICO deal. He’s not even trying to keep it secret anymore, which is a little weird.

Clay, meanwhile, is trying to get his leverage back, meeting with Tig to try to get him to flip on Jax. SAMCRO, meanwhile, is enjoying the opening of Nero’s new whorehouse in the old Elks Lodge. Nero’s old crew shows up to shake him down for guns, though, and Jax eventually decides to give them some old junk they have lying around the warehouse. I’m sure there will be no repercussions for this at all. Why would there be?

At the hospital, Tara has a heart-to-heart with Unser, who spoils everything by puking his guts out into a trashcan. Wait, didn’t that dude have cancer once upon a time? What happened to that? Clay meets with the Mexicans, who suggest that he accelerate his plans to take back the gavel. Jax and crew go to bring the guns to the other Mexicans and walk into an ambush. Horribly outnumbered, SAMCRO still manage to get out alive, despite flipping their station wagon down a cliff.

Back at Diosa, Clay pulls Jax aside for a little heart-to-heart. He tries to convince him to let the cartel deal keep going until he’s ready to take Tara and leave, otherwise he’ll lose it all. Jax isn’t having it, obviously, and why would he? He’s been eating poop for Clay’s bad decisions for years. It’s time for him to live up to his father’s legacy. That’s really been the change in Jax this season – he’s going farther to protect the club than he ever has. Needless to say, the cartel isn’t happy about this, but Clay gets them to give him another day. Or so he thinks.

Back in prison, Donal Logue is back in Otto’s room, only now he’s all cleaned up. Who is this guy? He says he’s “just a citizen,” but he also tells Otto that his life is going to be a living hell from now on. Jax is now working to set up a secondary source for gun smuggling, from a Chinese gangster I’m not sure we’ve seen before. Okay, can we stop introducing new characters? Sometimes it feels like this show is complicated just for the sake of being complicated. Meanwhile, Juice has found the papers and calls Jax, who sets up a final confrontation. Oh, boy.

On the way to the meet, Jax gets grabbed by the Mexicans from earlier and carted off in a van, leaving Clay and the rest of the crew high and dry. They all scram for the clubhouse, leaving Clay to get rid of the evidence. Nero goes hunting for Jax himself, showing off a hidden dark side and killing a few of his old homies to make a point. But, of course, it’s the cartel who’s grabbed him. Jax then explains to the cartel that he was actually working for them – his new Chinese contact will provide the guns and get the Irish out of the picture – and they cut him loose.

Jax updates the table on the new state of affairs and calls a vote. They hand the drugs off to the Mexicans, the guns to the Chinese, and clear the slate. It passes unanimously. Clay even congratulates him. But will Jax be able to bust Clay on the home invasions. Tig stays behind, though.

At Clay’s, Nero shows up looking for Gemma and Clay tells him that Jax is OK and it wasn’t his crew that did it. Needless to say, this doesn’t go over too well. He kind of freaks out that Gemma is back with Clay, but she reassures him with a little kissing. Jax shows up and finds the files gone, because Juice left Clay alone. He punches the shit out of him for his troubles. I wouldn’t start reading any long books, Juicy. Jax then opens up to Bobby and Chibs that he thinks Clay killed his dad and tells him about the letters, the attack on Tara, everything.

Then Bobby turns up at Clay’s, saying “I’m here to keep you alive.”

Whoa. Exhausting episode. Where can it go from here?

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