‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 episode 13 recap: Beginnings And Endings

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Sons Of Anarchy


It’s been a hell of a ride, but I don’t think everyone’s walking away. This season of Sons has been all about Clay vs. Jax, and Jax won… sort of. Clay is patched out of SAMCRO and on his way to Belfast, the Irish are out of the business, the Chinese and the Mexicans are connected, and Pope… well, Pope might be the fly in the ointment. It’s time to hand Tig over to Pope for a lifetime in prison. Jax isn’t ready to do it without a little safety net, though, and he wants assurances that Opie’s family will be taken care of and the Sons will get their cut.

Meanwhile, Clay is getting ready to go to Belfast. Gemma tells him her suitcase is in the car, which is kind of unexpected. I didn’t think she’d go through with it, so odds are she’s planning something screwed up. Speaking of screwed up women, Wendy shows up to tell Tara about Jax’s screwed-up attack on her last episode, and she’s none too pleased.

On the street, Nero is dealing with his old crew who is pretty pissed that he’s no longer doing business with them. Jax and the Sons stop in at a dogfight to track down Dante, but Tig is obviously feeling some pressure, as he nearly kills one of the dog trainers. They then raid a warehouse where he’s hiding out and completely wreck some guy’s face before Dante tries to carjack a woman with a pitbull in her car. That works out about as well as you’d think.

Back home, Jax and Tara have a conversation about the Wendy situation, and you can see their relationship falling apart before your very eyes. Speaking of falling apart, Otto gets brought in to give his testimony in the nurse attack and, when asked to give his name, just bites his Goddamn tongue off and spits it at the window. Holy crap.

Gemma confronts Tara about the prospective move to Oregon, and Tara doesn’t really have any good feelings for Charming anymore. “You take one step out of Charming and the only place you’re going is prison.” She then tells Tara that if she tries to take the kids she’ll bust her for bringing the cross to Otto. Ah, there we go. The scene ends with Gemma gut-punching Tara and saying “hope you’re not pregnant.” Cold stuff.

The handover of Tig to Pope also begins, with Jax making up a story about a dog breeder that they need to crack down on. Ah, crap. I was really hoping Jax would find some way out of this, but he’s just not that guy anymore. Instead he drives him out to the middle of nowhere and handing him over to Pope and his goons. Christ, this is ugly. Jax gets his piece of paper and leaves Tig to die, saying “it all comes around, Tiggy.” And lo, it looks like maybe things will work out after all, as Jax pulls a silenced pistol and murders Pope’s boys before letting Tig take out Pope.

Roosevelt finds the body and Jax gives him a call, telling him to step out of the garage and leading him to a vent up on the hill. At its base is the murder weapon. Meanwhile, Clay confronts Juice about discovering the documents, but surprisingly doesn’t do anything about it. Juice loses it, telling Clay that he needs to leave right now as Roosevelt shows up with the murder weapon, which is registered in Clay’s name. Oooooh boy. Nice improvisation, Jax, and then Gemma throws him under the bus. I guess you’re not going to Belfast after all.

Jax meets with Pope’s second-in-command, now running the whole thing. Things have worked out pretty well for him, even if the threat of reprisal still hangs over his head. The bounty’s out on Clay, and they want him dead before his hearing. Bobby confronts Jax about his machinations, telling him “it wasn’t about being smart enough to hurt Clay. It was about being smart enough not to hurt him.” I dunno, Bobby.

Jax then tries to give Nero back some of the money that he loaned them for ransoming Wendy, and the two have an interesting conversation about their kids and the future. Jax tries to get Nero to walk away and buy that farm, but he won’t do it until Jax does. Yeah, these are two old dogs who aren’t learning any new tricks anytime soon. This just gets cemented when Tara tells Jax that she’s taking the job in Oregon and it starts in two weeks. She’s taking the boys, and if he loves them he’ll follow them up there.

Roosevelt then comes in for Tara. He’s got a warrant: conspiracy to commit murder. Looks like Oregon’s gonna have to wait after all. How will Tara hack jail? Did Gemma turn her in? We then see Bobby cutting off his Vice President patch, Nero going to bed with a shotgun on his nightstand, Clay on his way to lockup, and Jax, Gemma and Abel together again.

Christ, what a season. Thoughts?

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