‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 episode 10 recap: Squeezed

By 11.14.12
Sons Of Anarchy


SAMCRO knows that Juice is the rat at the table. So what’s next? We’re at the mid-season point of Sons of Anarchy and right now Clay is looking pretty good, all things considered. The only people who can prove his link to the Nomad attacks are dead. And Juice, who Clay confessed to, is persona non grata. The cops pull Juice in and Eli gives him the heads up and tells him to get out of town before SAMCRO gets him.

Meanwhile Tara seems to be totally losing it, as she pounds on a toy piano to wake up baby Thomas just so she can soothe him back to sleep again. Later on, she gets the offer for the job in Oregon that was supposed to be her and Jax’s escape hatch. She then meets with Otto, who finally decides to drop his testimony in the RICO case. But he wants a crucifix that belonged to his dead wife, and he wants it today. Tara gets it from Gemma, who asks a few probing questions about her “volunteering.”

Back at the club, it’s confession time. Jax tells Chibs about the RICO deal! Chibs tells Jax and Bobby that he knew about Eli having leverage over Juice! And then the three decide to not bring Juice in to the table for judgement, because having their allies know that they had a rat in the group jeopardizes the very precarious position they’re in. Juice kind of throws a wrench in that, going to Jax first thing the next morning and telling him everything. Jax responds by saying he can stay if he gets proof of Clay’s double-dealing, and he accepts.

Jax is hunting down Randall Hightower, the guy who bludgeoned Opie to death in prison, and they run him down to a bar frequented by the Grim Bastards, the Black motorcycle gang that they’ve always had good relations with. We almost get a peaceful resolution to this conflict until the guy starts shooting and gets away. Later, Jax meets with Damon Pope about the Charming Heights development and Pope gives him intel on where his target is, but also says that Tig’s life on the outside won’t last long. They track him down to the docks to get the names of the other killers, with Jax giving his word to the Bastards that he won’t kill Hightower. And then… Chibs does. Jax’s slide into full-fledged villainy continues unabated, and Bobby’s not pleased about it.

Meanwhile, Clay is in action, confronting the Gallindo cartel and basically spilling the beans that Jax is working Otto to end the RICO case as a way to get out of the drug trafficking business. They tell Clay that won’t happen, Jax will be out and Clay will take over the table again, which is what he’s been working towards all season. But it almost seems like he doesn’t want it, as later Clay has a scene with Juice where he talks about how tired he is of everything. And then Gemma comes over and the two share a moment. Everybody’s trying to play Clay, but he’s coming out on top. The two even go to bed together, and Katey Sagal is great in this, looking truly torn on betraying the man she loved for most of her life.

The episode’s biggest shocker came from an unlikely place – Tara bringing Otto the crucifix in jail. After a tender scene where he asks for time alone to pray, the cunning elder statesman gets loose from his bonds and stabs a nurse to death, looking Tara in the eye and saying “Sons live. Redwood bleeds.” Obviously this was part of his plan all along, as now Tara is wrecked. She brought him the weapon he used to murder someone. I don’t think that job offer is going to stick around much longer.

Back at the club, Tara tells Jax what happened in prison. She knows he did it to both save the club and hurt Jax. The investigation will obviously uncover that Tara is his wife, bringing all manner of poop down on her head.

Holy crap, dudes. Epic episode. This season has been uneven, but the high points are really high. Where are they going from here?

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