South Philly street fight even more entertaining set to ‘Rocky’ theme

By 05.20.14

This South Philly street fight predictably gets way out of control.

Here is the original clip but we decided it’s not a real Philly fight unless the theme from Rocky gets involved.

The two men start to argue, one guy disappears, and returns a short time later with a signed Von Hayes bat. He’s looking to go Michael Jack Schmidt to this guy’s face like it’s the grill of a Chevy truck.

But not so fast — just like Mickey Morandini in a clutch spot, the bat-wielder whiffs and misses his chance. Now it’s time for a little South Philly, ECW-style street fight. The big fella administers the Tazz-mission and it’s a quick 1-2-3 for the victory.

Time to head to Pat’s Steak for a celebratory cheese whiz slathered meat torpedo.



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