Spill-proof your alcoholism with a wine sippy cup

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Vino2Go means you’ll never have to stop drinking wine just because you’re too drunk to hold onto your glass. A sippy cup isn’t just for kids anymore.

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Stemware is for chumps. How am I supposed to adequately get my fill of the finer things in life if I’m constantly worried about knocking over that obnoxious 2-foot high glass? I had already switched over to wine juice boxes and canned wine, but now I don’t have to be relegated to novelty packaging. Nothing says classy quite like a sippy cup, so that’s what I’ll be using from here on out.

The Vino2Go double wall tumbler is the simplicity of style, an active wine lovers dream come true. This BPA-free durable drinkware has a familiar wine glass shape making it a convenient and easy to use product for the beach, tailgate event, or other fast-paced adventures.
10 oz wine capacity. Made of SAN acrylic plastic. Designed in the USA.

My only problem with this is the name. Do we really need to constantly refer to wine as “vino?” This is America. We speak English. It’s not as if vino is a synonym; it’s the same damn word in Italian. I don’t walk around referring to beer as “birra” just for the hell of it. An no, I don’t care if you happen to be drinking Italian wine. You sound like an idiot, just like your girlfriend does when she refers to the store as Targét even though the logo is a goddamn bullseye.

Vino2Go: The Wine Sippy Cup [Incredible Things]

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