Stair to Anywhere: Give your house a spiral staircase

by 6 years ago

Spiral staircases are architectural marvels, and they can save a lot of space. They also cost a fortune and are difficult to engineer. Oh well, engineers have bigger problems to solve, right?

Stair to AnywhereApparently not. Meet the Stair to Anywhere, a spiral staircase you can install if you need some stairs up to your loft, or to a platform, or because you have a lot of money and don’t feel like buying bookshelves or a seat.

The design is actually incredibly cool; the staircase itself is made of fiberglass and is completely modular, so you can just buy the sections you want, bolt the whole thing together and BAM! Instant staircase. You can even just install it because you want a spiral staircase: it’s non-architectural, so it’s basically a big piece of furniture.

And, if your girlfriend would freak out over the change in decor, the staircase comes in literally thousands of colors.

All that said, there is one major drawback to pimping out your house with this: the price is “by request,” which is code for “incredibly freaking expensive.” But, hey, it might be worth it. Especially if you install a loft in your apartment, and then take the stairs with you to mess with your landlord.

Stair to Anywhere [Remodelista]

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