Starbucks to test wireless charging in tables this holiday

By 11.02.12

Because apparently, having free Wi-Fi and thus being jammed with hangers-on at any given time just wasn’t enough for the coffee chain, Starbucks will be testing wireless charging built into its tabletops this holiday season.


I can only assume this is because everybody at Starbucks is sick of that jerk who plugs his computer in about a thousand feet away from his seat, leaving a nice long cord for your foot to hook so you can nearly get a face full of coffee.

There are a few caveats. First of all, the test is limited to a few Starbucks in Boston (more specifically the Financial District), and secondly, they’ll be with Duracell Powermats. While the Powermat is pretty neat, it does require some extra accessories to properly charge your phone. That said, there will be a few cases behind the counter for the baristas to loan out, which will no doubt lead to some awkward flirting.

If the stores, the customers and corporate all like what they hear, that annoying guy with his power cord will soon just be that annoying guy who hasn’t budged from his chair in ten hours. Doesn’t he even PEE?

Starbucks Picks Boston For Pilot Test Of Wireless Charging Program [Boston.Com]

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