Stealth’s waterproof PC means no worrying about spills again

By 12.06.12

If you’ve ever opened up the case of a desktop after it’s sat around for a few years, it generally looks like your computer components have grown some sort of bizarre, gross fur. Hate that feeling? Now you can stop it cold with a PC that will never, ever, ever get anything inside of it.

Stealth PC


Stealth’s waterproof PC systems are pretty much designed to be used anywhere computers generally shouldn’t be. They use solid-state drives and fanless cooling systems, so there’s pretty much nothing in the way of moving parts to break or otherwise fail.

The casing, meanwhile, is completely watertight: In theory, you can dump a whole beer on this thing and it will work perfectly after being hauled out. It pulls that off partially thanks to the connections: Instead of your standard USB and monitor connections, it uses “bayonet” connections, which are waterproof, but hard to replace if they wear out.

That’s not the only cost: These will run you about $1600 a pop. But isn’t it worth it to have a computer you’ll never have to clean? Ever?

Waterproof Fanless PC [Stealth]

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