Stone Enjoy By IPA 12.21.12 coming to a store near you

By 11.08.12

Stone Brewing Co. announced that Enjoy By IPA will be back for round three, this time with an expiration date of 12.21.12. This double IPA is developed for maximum freshness, so once again it will only be available in limited markets.

Stone Brewing

Chicago was lucky enough to get one of the original batches of Enjoy By IPA, and it was well worth the hype. I’ve had plenty of beer that started to lose flavor but was perfectly drinkable, and the difference is obvious. The 35-day window ensures maximum freshness, plus it gives you an excuse to hurry up and drink it, not that you should need one.

The next batches are heading to Southern California, Central Coast California, Northern California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York City, and Texas. Once the shipments go out you can find out exactly where to find them at

We take a lot of things seriously here at Stone. (Not ourselves.) Freshness is definitely one of them. You see, as beer ages, the first thing that starts to fade is the flavor and aroma contributed by the hops. The olfactory glory that they impart is extremely volatile, and from the moment the beer finishes fermenting, the hop character starts to go bye bye, and unfortunately, there’s just no bringing it back.

Of course, there are things you can do to help prolong the hoppy goodness, like protecting your almighty beer from light and keeping it cool. (We store and ship all of our beer under refrigeration, btw.) Under regular conditions, we’ve tasted our beers at different intervals and found that they still taste just as great as we originally intended as much as 90 days after bottling. This finding, coupled with our unrelenting commitment to freshness, enticed us to begin laser-etching enjoy by dates on each bottle. With that process, we also instituted new measures that allow our wonderful fans, like yourself, to report expired beer. We love our beer, and we want to make sure it’s fresh!

But then, we thought, “Hey! Why not brew a big double IPA that is meant to be consumed even fresher? Why not put a date right up on the front of the bottle, and gave it a MUCH shorter shelf life?” It wouldn’t be easy. It wouldn’t be able to go everywhere. But it would be damn delicious, and it would be a mighty interesting undertaking. Sure, we discussed it in a few more meetings, but by this time, we’d already talked ourselves into it: the concept for Stone Enjoy By IPA was born. Read full blog…

Stone Brewing

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