Strangest beer pong infomercial you’ll see today

by 5 years ago

Beer Pong Australia isn’t quite the loosest bloke in the world, but this informercial is almost as weird. I don’t know what’s going on in Australia, but I like it.

I would have had no idea what these guys were selling if not for the title. I’m still not entirely sure if they we trying to get me to buy a table or convince me I need to do more drugs. They nailed the Vince Shlomi impersonation, so maybe I’m just supposed to bite a hooker. I’m not sure how Tom Cruise’s Oprah incident is relevant. It’s so far gone that I had to look up why he was jumping on her couch in the first place. Turns out it was because of Katie Holmes. Then again, I’m not sure how time zones work, so maybe they just found out about that in Australia.

Speaking of Joey Potter, Beer Pong Australia has hot chicks too.

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