Strong and sexy: A Guyism tribute to beautiful women of fitness

by 5 years ago
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Gym Girl


It's time to celebrate the strong, the sexy, the athletic women in the world. Take a look at this week's Guyism tribute to beautiful women of fitness.

It's nice to have a spotter.

This just makes me feel lazy.

Scary, yet wildly empowering.

Apparently, she's training for the Ancient Greek games.

Um, what? No. Wait? How?

She's got the whole, back straight, chest out thing down pat.

Yet another Crossfit starlet.

Calf raises on a treadmill don't make sense but I yield to your expertise.

Your own personal yoga studio. Well done!

Need a sparring partner?

Doesn't look like she has a spare tire. Am I right?

Hopscotch with a barbell seems dangerous.

And your puppy's adorable!

Dem lats though.

Wanna arm wrestle?

I'd scold you for the arch in your back but I need to applaud your tenacity first.

Don't even try to work into her set.

That's not a six-pack, that's a whole case.

Is that even possible?

Weird, we have the same taste in workout attire.

Presumably training to fight off all the guys at the bar.

Let me commend you on your perfect form.


I appreciate the matching outfit.

A rope climb performed by a woman who could kick all of our asses.

Ok fine, but this is the last time you get to wear pink gloves.

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