Study: Xbox owners are better in bed than Wii, PS3, PC gamers

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Gentlemen, start your nerd rage: A new study says that Xbox 360 owners are better lovers than Wii, PS3, and PC gamers.

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Wikimedia/Milad Mosapoor

The study, conducted by VoucherCodesPro, polled over 1,700 partners of people who play video games in the UK.

Respondents were asked, “How would you rate your partner in the bedroom?”

For Xbox partners, 54 percent of their lovers were described as “good” or better with 22 percent receiving the gold star of “excellent.”

Overall, 11 percent responded that their gaming lover was “excellent,” while 27 percent labeled their partner as “good.” About 26 percent said they had an “average” lover with the saddest 20 percent saying their sexy friend’s skills are “below average.”

According to MetroUK, PC gamers performed the worst by far with only three percent marked as “excellent” and eight percent as “very good.”

And there goes any potential sales on my new book, How To Pleasure Your Woman By Clicking Her Like A Mouse. Years of my life down the drain.

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