‘Super Monkey Ball’ lets you roll a monkey in a ball over a woman’s breasts

By 04.19.12

Super Monkey Ball, that game which has you controlling a cute little monkey encased in a ball and navigating suspended platforms, teaming with tight corners and bottomless pits, has always been a family oriented affair. Thankfully that’s been fixed.

Super Monkey Ball

A Vita version of the popular all-ages game on the way, and in Japan (naturally), there’s going to be an “Adult Map.” Instead of a regular coarse that is filled with abstract landscapes, to give the impression that one is climbing some virtual mountaintop, or soaking in the rays of a polygonal sun, you’re rolling around (and over) what is quite clearly human breasts.

The mammaries in question belong to a Yukie Kawamura, a Japanese model who is being used to promote the game. Well, pictures of her at least. And whose breasts have been made to pop out. Additional screenshots can be found over at Andriasang, though this is the only other one of note…

Super Monkey Ball

And you can find a trailer featuring Kawamura playing the game, but not actually showing it here. Remember ladies: as bad as you have it America, it’s SO much worse in other parts of the country.

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