Danish soccer fan shows her boobs every time the team wins

By 09.16.13

This is the touching story of Tanja Rasmussen, a Danish woman who celebrates her team’s victories by flashing her breasts. Tanja has become somewhat of a star at Brondby games and was even interviewed by a local paper.

Here’s an excerpt (excuse the rough Google translation):



“I lift up my shirt when Brøndby win a game. And now it is really a long time since we’ve won, so it was great. Everyone on the south side (Brøndby end stand) knows who I am, and there was also an inspector who recognized me yesterday and grabbed hold of me and said it today, we will see boobs?”

Denmark sounds like such a pleasant country. I mean, the police officers politely ask to see your boobs. This is a far cry from that tasing video earlier.

But enough about America’s problems, let’s talk about this Danish sweetheart. Tanja doesn’t wear a bra to games, she doesn’t see the need. She says, “Then there would certainly be no fun in it. So you might as well see me in a bikini on the beach.”

Well, I guess it’s time to pop the question, Tanja. Will you marry me?

By the way, if you’re wondering, Tanja confirmed her breasts aren’t real. I can confirm, however, that they’re spectacular (click through for the NSFW video).

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