Tenacious D guitarist’s Sauceman Satchel is the hottest thing on Kickstarter

By 09.19.12

Not since Indiana Jones, well, The Hangover, have I wanted a man purse so badly. The Sauceman Satchel allows you to take three different hot sauces anywhere you could possibly care to eat.

This invention falls into the category of “so obvious it’s genius.” It isn’t the sort of revolutionary technology that the ghost of Steve Jobs would steal, repackage, and take credit for, but it is a damn good idea. I don’t do much international travel (we can’t all be rockstar guitarist apparently), but I eat on the go all the time. Just having one of these safely tucked away in the car would make it more than worthwhile. A couple hot sauces and a vile of spice where and when I need it though? Sign me up, Sauceman. Sriracha on everything!

If that isn’t enough for you…booze. Yep, fill those GDMF’ers with whiskey and have shots on you at all time. It’s like the variety pack flask you’ve always wanted.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign. Unlike some from which all you get is a shitbag t-shirt, this time you are basically pre-ordering the product all while helping a great man make his mid-life dream come true. I’m 4/5 on campaigns I’ve backed, so don’t make me look like a dick.

The Sauceman’s Satchel

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